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The special soft classic taste of Medoff vodka achieved thanks to unique filter technique "Honey Rain". The taste of the drink matures in interaction with honey, which considered as the best natural filter. It allowed to naturally remove unwanted components from vodka.
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MV Group
Premium organic vodka is produced by the oldest Lithuanian factory Stumbras, owned by MV Group. Thanks to water purification using linen filters, the product acquires a noble soft taste and crystal transparency.
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Minsk grape wines factory
Since the company was founded, its products have been awarded about 220 awards at the international exhibitions and tasting competitions. The foundation of the leading position of the company is a consistently high product quality, which is provided at all levels of the production process.
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Bayadera Group
The Bayadera Group brand portfolio includes successful global brands and national leading brands, as well as a wide range of internationally renowned brands. Bayadera technologists have created more than 100 original recipes for alcoholic beverages.
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The renowned Ukrainian manufacturer "Bester" offers the real delicacy – the caviar of the Siberian sturgeon. Black caviar is extracted by a legal way. Sturgeon fish is carefully grown and cultivated in natural habitats, in modern aquaculture. This speaks in favor of the product's naturalness and quality.

There's another thing important to know: caviar is not heat treated during the painstaking process of producing and packing the product. This ensures that the taste and appearance of the caviar is maintained at the highest level. The large black-brown caviar eggs reveal a delicate flavour with special nutty notes.
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Admiral Husso
Black caviar by Admiral Husso is obtained in the process of scrupulous and time-consuming work. We present 2 major sorts of Admiral Husso products: Gold Albino Black Caviar and Siberian Sturgeon Black Caviar. Admiral Husso caviars are produced in the traditional way and have a shelf life of up to 9 months.

Golden caviar of albino sturgeon is considered to be among the rarest and precious kind of caviar. Caviar eggs of the royal delicacy are quite large, soft and tender. A special crystallized aroma of sturgeon delicacy and pristine taste distinguishes Premium caviar product from others.

The peculiarity of the precious Gold Albino caviar is that it is given by albino sturgeons which are extremely rare. Albino sturgeons caviar is a real delicacy that is in high demand all over the world.

The product is accompanied by certificates confirming the quality of caviar.Besides, caviar by Admiral Husso features great nutritional value.
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Nasha Set
Red caviar is not just an element of luxury on your table. This is a must-have appetizer on the festive table or a product for regular consumption. We sell only natural and legal caviar. Our caviar is produced in certified fisheries in accordance with high-quality standards.

Products are extracted mainly in the Far East, by the coasts of Kamchatka and Sakhalin. These environmentally friendly places are the traditional fishing granary of Russia. We offer red caviar of pink salmon, salmon, chum salmon, coho salmon, pink salmon from different manufacturers.
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Black caviar from the Volgorechensk fisheries is a prime quality product at the best price. Natural Black Caviar is presented by 3 series: VRH Premium, VRH Classic and VRH Selected. VRH presents only proven products that meet all GOST standards. Caviars produced by VRH are gaining more and more popularity these days.

Caviar is produced in the modern fisheries using advanced technology and equipment. At the same time, black caviar by the VRH manufacturer retaines its traditional taste and maximum useful properties. The product is accompanied by certificates confirming the quality of caviar.
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Bulbash® No. 1 Black Pearl is a black pearl among Belarusian spirits. Buyers won the hearts of customers with its harmonious taste, unique delicate aroma and softness. Bulbash vodka is infused with linden blossom, raisins, honey and oatmeal, giving the drink a unique bread flavor.
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TUNDRA and Khanskaya vodka are produced using modern technologies. These brands products are distinguished by their crystal purity and a mild taste. TSP vodkas go through 4 levels of filtration, including dynamic processing using the modern "depth" filters.
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Vitebsk alcoholic beverages factory "Pridvin'e"
The Joint Stock Company "Vitebsk Alcoholic Beverages Factory "Pridvin'e" was established in 1898. We have a long history, and that is why today we are a modern company that produces a lot of types of alcoholic beverages. In 2015 the company became a part of "Minsk Kristall Group". This holding company includes 8 companies of Belgospischeprom Concern, where companies engaged in food industry are united.
"Pridvin'e" have already exported our products to more than 25 countries from all over the world.
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Minsk sparkling wines factory
The pioneer of the wine industry of Belarus. Producer of the legendary Soviet champagne since 1978. The company produces high-quality Soviet champagne, sparkling wines, natural grape wines, as well as wine cocktails.
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Alcohol siberian group
Alcohol siberian group – is one of the biggest distilled spirits manufacturers. The portfolio includes 33 products of different price segments. The most well-known vodka brands are: White Birch, Husky, Five Lakes, Kedrovitsa and Gusli. According to the results of 2016, the volume of alcohol produced exceeded 4 million decalitres. Moreover, ASG products are delivered to 55 world countries.
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Belalko provides Belarusian and foreign consumers with high-quality and natural products based upon old traditions, centuries of experience and the latest achievements in the industry. To date, the company boast of more than 600 awards.
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LLC «Industrial and commercial company Shabo»
Within 15 minutes after harvesting, the grapes are delivered in an ideal condition to the 1300-sq.m grape receipt and processing facility, which can process up to 20 thousand tons of red and white grapes per season. The grape receipt and processing system is fully automated. State-of-the-art, high-tech equipment maintains continuous temperature control and a sparing processing mode.
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Emelisse Beer
Awarded with a place in the top 100 best beer brewers of the world (RateBeer), Emelisse has been an established name in the world off craft beer for more than 10 years. Every bottle of Emelisse beer has been made with the best ingredients, care and attention to make sure every beer tastes amazing.
Be surprised by the beautiful interplay of creamy nougat and roasted pecan in this impressive stout from Emelisse.
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PetRus Holding company
PETRUS Group incorporates commercial and industrial companies from different business fields: production of alcoholic beverages, confectionery and biscuits products, agricultural products, customs and warehousing services, distribution of alcoholic beverages, cosmetics and food products, transport and forwarding services. Production of alcoholic beverages is the strategic field for PETRUS Group where the company achieved good results in Ukraine. Especially mild and unique taste and product aroma are reached by natural ingredients used on the basis of recipes of Kyiv national Botanical Garden specialists. "Happy Leaf" has a pleasant sweetish-oily taste with notes of walnut and a light hemp flavor, remotely similar to the aroma of freshly baked bread, makes our product unlike any other.
Producers specially add not only hemp extracts and infusions to the bottles, but also cannabis seeds to achieve the maximum effect of this amazing plant!
"Happy Leaf" has a pleasant sweet-buttery taste with hints of walnut and a light hemp aroma, which is remotely similar to the aroma of freshly baked bread, which makes our product unlike any other.
In the bottle with the drink, we specially add not only extracts and infusions of hemp, but also its seeds to achieve the maximum effect of this extraordinary plant!
AMSTERDAM. The peculiarity of this drink is the addition of Dutch tulip extract, which gives the drink a refreshing floral aroma and sweet taste.
It has a fragrant aroma of hemp leaf.
JAMAICA. It has a pleasant, slightly sweet taste, with hints of fragrant hay and nuts. Barley malt in combination with hemp infusion adds to the drink after the taste of grain and honey. Gently warms like the Jamaican sun!
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Thug Life
Thug Life a vodka that is produced in France. Honker Incorporated, multi-task wine and spirits merchant. From developing new brands, imports, production, trademarks, design, full logistics service, Canada and the United States, bonded and foreign trade zone license warehousing storage and more.
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Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo vodka is a record-breaking Nine times distilled and seven times filtered. This is the highest possible number in the distillation process. MADE FROM WINTER FRENCH GRAIN AND SPRING WATER.
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Ladoga Group
Ladoga Group takes a leading position in the market of alcoholic products in the North-West region and in Russia as a whole. Ladoga products were awarded with more than 60 gold medals at various international competitions. The leader in the number of awards among products of Ladoga – vodka Imperial Collection Gold.
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Mogutni Karpaty
Vodka MOGUTNI KARPATY has been created for admirers of natural perfection, quality and naturalness of Ukranian products and exquisiteness of taste. Premium vodka is made of alcohol „Luxe" from the best Ukrainian grain and chrystal clear water. Amazingly soft taste and performance in a unique authentic design makes the product unsurpassed.
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Russian company that specializes in the production of champagne and sparkling wine. The Abrau-Durso factory's story starts from the date of the decree of Tsar Alexander II. On November 25, 1870, Abrau-Durso, the specific estate that belonged to the royal family, was created near Abrau lake and the Durso river.
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Schuchmann wines Georgia
Schuchmann wines Georgia is an ultra-premium winery specializing in famous indigenous Georgian grape varieties. It was founded in 2008 by Schuchmann family in a very center of Georgian wine growing zone in Tsinandali. Schuchmann Wines Georgia joined traditional Georgian wine making practices with German ingenuity to produce age-worthy and memorable wines.
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Vinuri de Comrat Company
Moldova is famous all over the world by its winemaking traditions. An agro-industrial complex was created on the basis of the Comrat winery, which included 15 state farms and 8 wineries. This agricultural complex processed up to 80,000 tons of grapes per season. Today it is a modern production complex, processing 5-6 thousand tons of grapes and bottling more than 3 mil bottles of wine per year. Wines are exported to more than 20 countries of the world. The company produces more than 50 series of wines, both varietal and blends, which perfectly combine European and indigenous grape varieties, historically grown only in Moldova and Romania.
Every year wines are appreciated with gold and silver medals on the most significant wine competitions all over the world: DWWA, Mundus Vini, Mondial de Bruxelles.
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